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toma vac pan

Saving time
Buy time to domestic work, employing it in other more enjoyable activities. An average of 40-50% faster aspiration of any surface is performed.
It is not necessary the burden of moving the vacuum up and down.
Blows with doors and furniture are over.
Furthermore, the hose can be collected within the pipe itself.
It is stronger and more effective cleaning than the regular vaccums. The power of the central vacuum is two to three times higher than traditional vacuum.
Removes the recycled dust inside the house, meaning that the dust sucked is transferred to the central vacuum cleaner, where it is filtered and sent to the exterior of the house.
Furthermore, with this system, dust mite allergies are avoided.
It does not break the atmosphere of your home. The central vacuum cleaner is far away from where the cleaning is done, allowing while vacuuming, doing other tasks without being disturbed by the noise of the vacuum cleaner.
Added value to your home
With this central vacuum value is added to the house because it is a fixed installation, integrated in the house itself. Therefore, it provides extraordinary health benefits, comfort and welfare to the house users.

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